BHM 3010: Introduction to Hospitality


Introduces the hospitality industry and various industry segments such as restaurants, hotels, attractions, and other businesses and organizations that serve individuals as they meet, visit, or celebrate. Includes the study of basic management skills and concepts, leadership, marketing, planning, and fundamentals of operation in the hospitality and tourism context.


  1. Identify the impact of using current technology in the hospitality industry.
  2. Discuss the relationship between the history of career opportunities in the hospitality industry and career opportunities in the current marketplace as a result of industry growth.
  3. Discuss current industry issues in hospitality and tourism, such as domestic and international travel, government regulations, cost, security, and budget airlines.
  4. Contrast the differing management concepts involved in serving different types of customers in various venues within the hospitality industry.
  5. Determine marketing strategies within the operations of hospitality and tourism entities.
  6. Elaborate on the history of the components of the accommodations market to include lodging, room pricing, and the available revenue channels for these units.
  7. Recommend factors effecting consumer behavior and positive and poor service quality.
  8. Distinguish necessary components of management styles for successful travel industry professionals.




Introduction to hospitality management (Rev: 4th ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2013)
Author: Walker, J. R.
ISBN: 9780132959940
Price: $114.01

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