BHM 4100: Facilities Management and Design in Hospitality and Tourism


Examines hospitality property management and design. Includes all of the primary facility systems such as water and wastewater, electrical, HVAC, lighting, laundry, solid waste management, telecommunications, food service, energy management, and safety and security.


  1. Explain the basic responsibilities of hospitality managers.
  2. Evaluate safety and security considerations associated with public and private facilities.
  3. Assess best practices for managing facility wastewater systems.
  4. Discuss the elements of facility design for human comfort.
  5. Explain cost-efficient strategies used in building design.
  6. Explore the key aspects of managing equipment to maintain facilities.
  7. Compare cost-efficiency and sustainability management.
  8. Examine the life cycle of facilities.




Hospitality facilities management and design (Rev: 4th ed.)

Publisher: American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (2015)
Author: Stipanuk, D. M.
ISBN: 9780866124768
Price: $106.60

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