BSM 2801: Sport Marketing


Examines the theoretical and practical implications of marketing in the sports industry by presenting a framework to help explain and organize the strategic marketing process. Offers a growing appreciation on the globalization of sports and an understanding of the ethical issues emerging in sports and their impact on sport marketing decisions.


  1. Apply a conceptual model of the strategic marketing process to the sport industry.
  2. Explore the growing emphasis on sport globalization.
  3. Interpret current research in the area of sport marketing.
  4. Summarize ethical issues emerging in sports.
  5. Outline new trends in management used in sport marketing.
  6. Explain concepts and theories unique to sport marketing.
  7. Discuss sport marketing techniques and strategies.
  8. Explain the critical thinking process involved in the sport marketing process.




Sports marketing: A strategic perspective (Rev: 5th ed.)

Publisher: Routledge (2015)
Author: Shank, M. D., & Lyberger, M. R.
ISBN: 9781138015968
Price: $234.00

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