ITC 4010: System Analysis and Design


Explores structured systems analysis and design terminology and techniques. Presents a foundation in systems design and documentation necessary for effective communication and career advancement for all technology professionals.


  1. Describe information technology tools and services that satisfy the needs of various organizational structures.
  2. Explain design methodologies.
  3. Examine the use of data flow diagrams, data dictionary definitions, and structured English as used in the information technology field.
  4. Apply techniques of system analysis and design to an information system’s problem.
  5. Evaluate information technology’s influence in addressing community needs.


  1. ITC 3001


Systems analysis and design (Rev: 11th ed.)

Publisher: Cengage Learning (2017)
Author: Tilley, S., & Rosenblatt, H.
ISBN: 9781337687157
Price: $163.76

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