ITC 4150: Database Design and Implementation


Provides a comprehensive coverage of database systems design, development, and implementation. Examines the tools and techniques necessary in creating data models and subsequent database designs. Provides hands-on experience using diagramming tools.


  1. Examine the relevance and components of relational databases.
  2. Create documentation throughout the database development lifecycle.
  3. Identify business rules, entities, relationships, and attributes for a specific database scenario.
  4. Create a logical and physical database design.
  5. Demonstrate database normalization techniques.
  6. Utilize Structured Query Language (SQL) to create and interact with a database.
  7. Apply solutions to identified database security Issues.


  1. ITC 3001


Hands-on database: An introduction to database design and development (Rev: 2nd ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2014)
Author: Conger, S.
ISBN: 9780133024418
Price: $78.46

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