MAR 2251: Internet Marketing Principles


Presents the conceptual and practical knowledge needed to comprehend the implications of the Internet for business. Guides learners through the concepts, trends, and characteristics of doing business online to provide the ability to develop and implement effective strategies for digital business.


  1. Summarize the background, current state, and future potential of Internet marketing with an emphasis on the strategic value chain.
  2. Explain the importance of strategic planning with respect to achieving a company’s objectives through the business model application.
  3. Describe how market segmentation, target marketing, differentiation, and positioning contribute to a marketer being able to fulfill the value proposition.
  4. Explain how Internet technologies influence each of the areas of the marketing mix to include product, pricing, distribution, and promotional strategies.
  5. Analyze how Internet marketing affects overall brand management and brand equity of a company.
  6. Examine Internet marketing tools commonly used by companies in the exchange of marketing communication messages between marketers and their customers.
  7. Summarize the purpose and process of building a company’s relationship capital through customer relationship management.
  8. Examine methods of evaluating Internet marketing initiatives.




E-marketing (Rev: 7th ed.)

Publisher: Routledge (2014)
Author: Strauss, J., & Frost, R.
ISBN: 978-0132953443
Price: $192.35

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