MAR 4610: Strategic Marketing


Provides an overview of various strategies for building and sustaining a competitive advantage in the global market. Strategic marketing is examined utilizing a decisions approach in marketing with applications addressed through case studies and analysis. Topics include organization’s mission and goals, identifying and framing organizational opportunities, formulating product market strategies, budgeting, and controlling the marketing effort.


  1. Evaluate the imperatives for a market-driven strategy to include strategic marketing plan development.
  2. Evaluate the needs for analyzing the product markets within a global setting.
  3. Assess the impact of forces of change on the marketing function.
  4. Evaluate the processes for strategic market segmentation and strategic customer relationship management.
  5. Analyze the forces that influence targeting and strategic positioning.
  6. Assess the issues surrounding the formation and management of strategic relationships.
  7. Analyze the dynamics involved with strategic branding and value chaining.
  8. Evaluate the most commonly used pricing strategies.
  9. Examine the impact various promotion strategies have on marketing.
  10. Recommend a course of action based on case analysis evaluation for a company to achieve and sustain their competitive advantage within the strategic marketing area.




Strategic marketing (Rev: 10)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill (2013)
Author: Cravens, D., & Piercy, N.
ISBN: 9780078028908
Price: $216.87

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