MAR 4625: Direct Marketing


Provides an overview of direct marketing with an emphasis on database marketing, customer relationship marketing, and response-driven marketing. Explores a wide range of direct marketing initiatives to sell products and services globally. Provides more strategic integration of ideas, technology, and media into market planning.


  1. Define direct marketing and evaluate the five marketing management orientations.
  2. Analyze customer value, customer relationship management, and strategies for building lasting customer relationships.
  3. Identify the attributes of a SWOT analysis and how it is used in direct marketing.
  4. Analyze the development of a direct marketing plan, the impact of stakeholders, and the level of involvement they have, or should have, in determining long-term strategic planning.
  5. Assess the role of marketing information systems in strategic marketing planning and the criteria to be considered when determining the types of data to include.
  6. Describe the various media used in direct marketing and how organizations assess and distribute marketing information.
  7. Analyze the personal selling process and how it is used in business-to-business direct marketing.
  8. Assess how telemarketing, e-commerce, e-communications, e-care, and the Internet provide benefits for both buyers and sellers.
  9. Explain how lead-generation programs and testing techniques are used to enhance contemporary direct marketing.




Reinventing interactive and direct marketing

Publisher: McGraw-Hill (2010)
Author: Rapp, S. (Ed.).
ISBN: 9780071638029
Price: $42.25

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